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MediaPost Film and Video is about ”you.” As a new-and-improved, slimmed-down post-production house, we can deliver projects of high quality, with faster turnaround times and at lower-than-industry-standard prices which saves you capital for other projects.

Each MediaPost project comes with our personal guarantee that it will be delivered on-time and on-budget.

In partnership with local, regional and national agencies, we have produced a wide variety of broadcast and multimedia projects. MediaPost has been recognized with three International PPA awards, multiple Telly awards, and numerous ADDY awards over the last two decades. But it is not about the awards. Sure, contests put trophies on our walls, but the true test is, we bring customers to our clients?

I thank all of our clients for their continued support and invite others to the MediaPost Film & Video family.

For information or for a personal appointment, call the studio at 337.474.7678 or my mobile, 337.540.7221. You can also email me at

—Chris Lognion, founder and owner of MediaPost

LandLocked Aviation Promo Loop 2022
LandLocked - Family
Car Buying Re-imagined By Mark In Lake Charles

Car Buying Re-imagined By Mark In Lake Charles

Everything is different at Mark. Now you can do everything on your time. Shop from home and sign on your phone! Same day or next day delivery at no additional charge*! Here's how it works. Start with impressively low prices online at You may browse inventory by scrolling lower on this page or by using the navigation menu. Every vehicle has a "real" price that is pre-negotiated. You get our best offer up front with no games, no gimmicks, and no wasting your time. We do not employ traditional car salesmen. Our team is made up of product specialists. Their job is to help you find the best vehicle for your needs and budget, and fully explain its capabilities—not to ask you pay more. In fact, they get paid a flat fee for selling you a vehicle. So they have no vested interest in what you pay for a vehicle. We are pioneers in technology and online resources that allow you to handle all paperwork remotely. You can do everything from your phone, even sign all of your paperwork! You only visit the dealership if you want to. Trading in a vehicle? That's no problem. We'll give you an online appraisal estimate and we'll pick the vehicle up when we drop off your new one. *Our online prices include complimentary delivery within 250 miles of Lake Charles. For customers outside of that radius please contact the dealership for an estimate. You only pay taxes in the state that you are registering your vehicle. That's why we call it Car Buying Reimagined. From the # 1 volume** RAM dealership in the state of Louisiana. MARK in Lake Charles. **Volume claim per 2019 calendar year FCA factory sales reports for Louisiana RAM dealers.
Air Conduit   Air Can Do It
LCPD Recruitment 2017 Official
2015 MediaPost Aerial Montage
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