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A woman wearing VR goggles.

Reality Tours

With physical distancing being enforced around the world, VR Tours provide the best way to make a great first impression on potential clients, buyers or employees. Being able to transport someone to a completely different environment through immersive technology now opens up new worlds of possibilities for companies.

This technology is great for industries to train employees by providing them with spatial awareness of their environment, by the use of VR Goggles before they even step foot in the facility. Realtors can provide potential buyers that are miles away, with a smooth, professional walk-through of properties in the area.

We are able to tag and include important training documents, equipment videos, or advertisements throughout the VR Tour. Your imagination is the only limit.

Contact Chris Lognion today and schedule an appointment to see how the MediaPost team can help you.


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Construction workers on a job site talking to each other.

On-site training

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