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Firestone administrators approached the MediaPost team to visually document the expansion and installation of their new exhaust scrubber system for the rubber production facility in Lake Charles, LA. This was an environmental improvement project that was installed to eliminate any harmful emissions that may come from the rubber dryers. The job presented to the MediaPost team was to capture the construction of the exhaust system from bottom to top and to create milestone videos during the entire process, over the 9 month period.

Our team came together and decided to use all of the camera equipment we had in order to capture this monumental task put before the Firestone crew. It was decided we would use a few permanent mounted time-lapse cameras to capture 24/7 footage of the work area. This proved invaluable because we were able to show some of the adverse weather conditions that the crew faced through the months of construction. We used many timelapse cameras on the ground while on location for the milestone events of the construction. Our hand-held cameras were all 4k, with some set to slow motion, in order to capture the complexity of some of the lifts and how precise the work really was for the crew. Lastly, to show the scope of the entire project, our drone was used to get a birds-eye view of how the entire project was coming together at the beginning and end of every milestone.

The MediaPost team was informed at the end of the project, all the milestone videos provided during the months of construction proved invaluable because the administrators at the Lake Charles facility were able to show their counterparts overseas exactly how things were progressing or what was causing delays. This kept the communication channels open and how to proceed next with the project. In the end, everyone was happy to have this visual log of the accomplishments that were made.